Time To Care

The Scottish Government has a choice this Thursday. They can either be a conveyer belt for Tory cuts,or they can use the powers at their disposal to put money into services. The Scottish  Parliament was set up with powers to raise taxes, with powers to do so expanded not once but twice.

“Who benefits most from our policies?” asked the SNP at the last election. Answering their own question they declared "we all do" - Council workers facing redundancy and communities watching their libraries close might (rightly) struggle to square that with the idea that whilst the service they provided or used is unsustainable, there's enough spare cash to cut air passenger duty.
UNISON will be joining other Trade Unions outside the Parliament. We'll be standing up for services and jobs and the principle that the Scottish Parliament should be a bulwark against austerity rather than its implementation device.

If you work in social care and are not being paid the Living Wage, then you need to let us know. Click here to tell us about it right now using our fast survey. #TimetoCare